A Peek Into The Past: UFO's

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Shag Harbour recently had their annual UFO Festival.  It’s been 43 years since several people witnessed what they originally thought was a plane or some sort of air craft crash into the harbour.

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The incident is one of the most well documented cases of an Unidentified Flying Object sightings in the world.

The idea of flying saucers and aliens is a modern type of phenomena.  As technology has progressed, humankind has become more intrigued with space travel and with space in general.  Our imaginations run wild when we see things in the sky we can’t quite place.

But what if someone saw something years before the idea of spaceships.  How would they describe it?  Well here is an entry from Simeon Perkins Diary describing one such sighting:

October 12, 1796: “A strange Story is going that Fleet of Ships have been Seen in the Air in Some part of the Bay of Fundy. Mr. Darrow is lately from there by Land. I enquired of him. He Says they were Said to be Seen in the New Minas, at one Mr. Ratchford's, by a Girl, about Sunrise, & that the Girl being frightened, Called out, & two men that were in the House went out and Saw the Same Sight, being 15 Ships and a Man forwards of them with his hand Stretched out.

The Ships made to the Eastward. They were So Near that the people Saw their Sides and ports. The Story did not obtain universal Credit, but Some people believed it. My Own Opinion is that it was only in Imagination, as the Cloud at Sunrise might Make Some Such appearance, which being Improved by Imagination, might be all they Saw. Exceedingly pleasant day & Evening.”

Perkins didn’t give the story much credit but I have always found it interesting that Perkins’ diary contains one of the first written accounts of UFO sightings in North America.

It makes me wonder what our ancestors over the last few thousands years have seen and how they would have explained things. What would they have thought of phenomena like meteor showers prior to telescopes?  How would they have described a comet?  

 In response to some messages I have gotten as of late, I’d like to say something before diving into my next topic.

I am not a historian.  I took some history in university and worked in museums for over eight years.  I enjoy history thoroughly.  My column is not meant to be an in depth look at any topic in particularly.  It is a just a “peek” at some interesting topics.  What I choose to write on varies on what I’ve been reading or interested in lately.  I write this for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others.  

Geographic location: Bay of Fundy, North America

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  • ThomasT
    August 26, 2013 - 19:32

    ..a modern type of phenomena... imaginations run wild, ie UFOs are all halucinations as the astronomer Carl Sagan often said. People are frustrated and confused that nasa, seti, astronomers, and Govts. keep telling them that most sightings are explainable. and that even IF an advanced race existed, it would be too far away to get here, ie we are most probably alone. To stop wasting your energy on these obfuscations, why not first open the uTubes of Larry King, CNN, 'UFOs shut down missile silos'. Then open www.theyfly.com and read The Pleaidian Mission by US psychologist Randolph Winters of the same case. Before you scream fraud in case this upsets your locked-in paradigm, note that planetary data on our Solar System was Published by et contactee Meier sometimes years before nasa's discoveries, 5 US investigators spent decades trying to debunk the Swiss et contactee Meier, and failed. They then published 'Light' Years' by Larry Kinder of that investigation. WE also have translated from German, 1800 pages of notes of converstaions between Meier and ets. This race shares common ancestry with many here, are 12,500 years ahead of us on tech, medicne, knowledge of the Laws of Creation etc. They live 500 light year distant in a slightly different 'time'. They take either 7 hours or a millionth of a second to get here, depending on the ship used.