Doors wide open: Open house, fundraiser planned at Liverpool Curling Club

Published on September 11, 2017

Jen Conrad and Jennifer Chase are active volunteers with the Liverpool Curling Club who have been working on organizing an open house scheduled to happen at 7 p.m. Sept. 23.

Liverpool Curling Club wants to create social space, showing off new look at open house, fundraiser

Liverpool - The Liverpool Curling Club will soon be showing off its new look with an open house and fundraising event scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 23.
“And we’re hoping to raise lots and lots of money to get our roof repaired through the silent auction and live auction,” said Jennifer Chase, membership and advertising chairperson.
Community members have donated some items, which will be available at the silent auction. Other larger items, some of which were also donated by the community, will be available at a live auction, explained Jen Conrad, fundraising chairperson, rental contact and junior program co-ordinator.
Conrad said the club is still accepting items as long as they’re in “new, useable condition.”
“We’d love some local crafters to donate because not only does that support the club, but it gets their names out in the community as well,” said Conrad.
The curling club’s roof has been leaking for years, and the shingles are beginning to go, said Conrad. Re-shingling the roof will cost about $80,000. Ideally, the curling club would like a metal roof, which would be about $125,000.
“We’ve been here for 85 years; we’d like to be here for another 85,” Conrad said. “If we can do a few things now to protect the club and the building for the next generation, then that’s what we’d like to do.”
When the curling season starts the last week of October, learn to curl will be held on Monday nights for six weeks.
“We’re having ladies’ night, which hasn’t been in the club for many years,” said Conrad.
Ladies’ night is scheduled for Wednesdays.
“Friday night socials are open for everybody to come in,” said Chase.
People who want to go to the club Friday nights don’t have to go for curling. The main room has games, books, chairs and tables. Conrad said volunteers are also hoping there will be live music sometimes, even if it’s open mic night.
Hub, not club
“Check us out. We’re in a year of change,” said Chase.
Chase emphasized the club needs to be a social place again where people can hang out even if they don’t want to go on the ice.
“Any evenings that we’re here, anybody’s just welcome to come and even just watch,” said Conrad.
Chase and Conrad agree they are trying to ensure the club is a space in which people want to socialize and gather.

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