Region partners with Queens County Museum for sports display at Queens Place

Published on May 18, 2017

These skates from the women’s hockey team date back to 1913. They are part of a new revolving sports display at Queens Place Emera Centre.

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LIVERPOOL - Visitors to Queens Place Emera Centre will not only get to see hockey next season, they’ll now get to learn about hockey history as well. 

The Region of Queens Municipality has partnered with the Queens County Museum to create a showcase of Queens County Hockey. Some of the artefacts date back to the turn of the Century.

He said hockey is just the first in a series of rotating displays the new showcase will feature.

Linda Rafuse, the manager of the Queens County Museum, said it was a delight to enter into a partnership to build a rotating sports exhibit.

“The one thing that the Queens County Museum tries to continually today promote to the public, is most museums in the province, our collections grow but our buildings don’t,” she says.

“Most of our buildings burst at the seams with artefacts so when we have an opportunity like this to do an outreach program to bring our exhibits outside of the Queens County Museum that’s a plus for us.”

She said the museum plans to do baseball, basketball, and all manner of other sports in the new display case.

“Queens County is brimming with history for a long time as you all know,” she says.

The hockey exhibit features artefacts from the old Mersey hockey league, women’s skates from 1913, trophies, and many many hockey photos from renowned Queens County photographer Ken Dagley.

The region contributed the display cabinet, which was custom built by Region of Queens employee Kevin Weagle.

“His work is deserving of recognition. Kevin has a gift for woodworking and cabinetry, as you can see.”

Deputy Mayor Susan MacLeod also took to the microphone to ask a simple question – how many of the 100 or so people at the unveiling played sports in Queens County?

Virtually every hand in the crowd went up.