Name this street - Region has contest to rename Liverpool's Elm Street.

Published on March 15, 2017

Name this street! The region is having a contest to re-name Liverpool's Elm Street.

LIVERPOOL - Having two Elm Streets is a bit of a nightmare for service providers, and the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality is taking steps to solve the issue.

 At the March 14, 2017 Regular Council meeting, Council approved a motion to repeal a motion of closure for Elm Street in Liverpool, and approved a motion to begin the process to rename the street.

“We’re accepting submissions from residents of Queens County to give a new name to Elm St., Liverpool,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.   “We invite the public to enter the contest with a street name honouring a person who is a current or former resident of Queens County and made a significant positive impact on our community.”

There are two Elm Streets in Queens County, one in Liverpool and one in Brooklyn.  Elm Street, Liverpool  has no civic addresses on it, however two properties on Main Street have driveway access from it.

 Entries in the contest may be submitted by residents of the Region of Queens Municipality beginning March 14, 2017 and will be accepted until April 14, 2017.  Entries will be accepted by emailing (put “Name that Street” as the subject) , by mail “Name that Street”, P. O. Box 1264, Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0 or in person at the Region of Queens Administration building, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0.  All entries must include the name, civic Address and either the phone number or an email address for the resident making the nomination; and the name of the street being submitted.  Street names considered must be named for persons in Queens or previously from Queens who have made significant positive contributions to the community.   

A selection committee consisting of staff will review all submissions and bring the top choices to the May 23, 2017 Council meeting for final decision and vote on the name.