Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal will be watching Western Head tonight

Published on March 14, 2017

The provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure says it will be keeping a close eye on Western Head tonight after last month’s storm caused this damage to the sea wall.

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WESTERN HEAD - It could be Déjà vu tonight with Environment Canada predicting winds as high as 100 kilometers an hour, higher than normal water levels, and heavy pounding surf.

Last month, the same series of circumstances took out large parts of the retaining wall at Western Head, which helped stop the ocean from flooding the road.

Since then, the wall has not been fixed.

Glen Strang, with the province’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, says the province will be keeping a close eye on the area tonight.

“We are going to monitor it and make sure the road is not going to be in any danger due to storms like what’s expected tonight,” he says.

“We’ve got road patrol on, and that’s certainly one of the areas they keep an eye on, certainly on a night like tonight. There will be a higher presence of us there keeping an eye on things tonight.”

He says the province does plan to repair the wall, but not until the spring or summer.

“We’re looking at different options to, whether we want to re-use those blocks or come up with some sort of different strategy there, whether it be large boulders or other types of shoreline protection.”

Strang says the seas are very rough on that road, and tidal surges can do an extreme amount of damage.

“It’s certainly challenging,” he says.

According to Environment Canada’s latest forecast, people in Queens should prepare for high winds which could cause damage to buildings, such as roofs and shingles.

It also warns that 30 to 40 millimeters of rain is expected with the storm, which could lead to the possibility of flooding.

“In addition, higher than normal water levels and rough pounding surf is likely this evening during high tide for southwestern sections of the Atlantic coast. Minor coastal flooding is possible,” says the federal weather agency.

High Tide will occur at 10:46 p.m.