Region looking for private developer to renovate Hillsview Acres

Published on January 24, 2017

The region is looking for a development partner to renew Hillsview Acres in Middlefield.

MIDDLEFIELD - The region is looking for a private developer to upgrade Hillsview Acres.

“It’s an older facility, and due for renewal. In fact, in 2013, government had identified it as being sought for replacement, however that announcement has never been funded.”

MacLellan said there is a need for seniors housing and care required in Queens.

Now, the region is looking for a developer to work with Queens to renew the facility, with the objective of keeping jobs in Queens and minimizing service delivery costs.

Hillsview Acres is currently owned and operated by the Region of Queens Municipality. .  It is licensed and funded by the Department of Health and Wellness as a Level 1 Residential Care Facility with 29 beds.   It employs 30 fulltime, part time and casual staff, Hillsview Acres is an important employer in Queens.

“The result of the successful proposal will be the right for the developer to work with us. There is no guarantee that either the region nor the province will accepts what results in the proposal.

Once the solicitation is ready to go to market, it is expected to take about six months for the successful developer to prepare a proposal vetted by the Region of Queens Municipality to be jointly submitted to the Province of Nova Scotia. 

MacLellan said last year, the province started to go through a long-term care strategy, but they’ve been seeking innovations and proposals and solutions to find ways to help maintain community service requirements.

Council voted unanimously to seek a developer who might help restore Hillsview Acres.

“In seeking developers, we are working to be proactive about finding solutions for Hillsview Acres, resulting in a modern facility, and keeping the beds and the jobs here in Queens,” said Mayor David Dagley.