Services expected to resume Wednesday after flood at Queens General

Barb McKenna
Published on December 20, 2016

Full services are expected to resume Wednesday after a flood at Queens General Hospital

LIVERPOOL - A burst pipe at Queens General Hospital on Saturday caused flooding to the rehabilitation area, and led to the closure of that department and cancellation of appointments.

Theresa Hawkesworth speaks for the hospital. She says the pipe burst at about 4 p.m. on Saturday, sending water flowing down the stairs and into the department.

The Liverpool fire department responded immediately, she says, and was able to get the situation under control very quickly.

“As soon as the alarm went out about 30 firefighters showed up and were on site immediately and helped our staff contain and start cleaning up, so a really great response from the local volunteer fire department. We just really want to thank the firefighters for their support,” she says.

Hawkesworth says the flood could have been bad if it had not been contained so quickly.

“There’s water in the hospital on the floor, pouring down the stairs, it’s not a good situation,” she says.

The damage led to the cancellation of rehabilitation services Monday. There were about 15 patients affected by that.

Service is expected to be resumed on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

Engineering inspected the equipment, the housekeeping crew did deep cleaning, maintenance has repaired the walls and ceiling. A final clean will be carried out today.

The flood also damaged a file room with some leakage to the basement.

The emergency department was unaffected, and inpatient services were not affected.