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‘The most musical part of the country’: Alex Cuba coming to Liverpool’s Astor Theatre

Alex Cuba is set to perform at Liverpool's Astor Theatre Aug. 13.
Alex Cuba is set to perform at Liverpool's Astor Theatre Aug. 13.

LIVERPOOL, NS - Alex Cuba sees playing and performing music as his chance to give to the world.

He’s scheduled to share his music with Liverpool’s Astor Theatre as part of the Canada 150 Performance Series Aug. 13. The Atlantic Presenters Association (APA), RADARTS and Canadian Heritage are supporting the series.

Cuba, who now lives in Smithers, B.C., was born in Cuba, and he says he’s excited to come to this part of the country. He’s been here a few times, he said.

“I know that it’s probably the most musical part of the country,” said Cuba. “I know that the tradition there is strong.”

The British Columbia resident is one of a number of musicians will be hitting the theatre’s stage in the next few months as part of the performance series.

Cuba says his identity as a singer and songwriter has been influenced by many kinds of music, and he says he would never leave his Cuban roots.

As far as why he initially chose to study electric and upright bass, Cuba says he had a calling. He liked the bass as soon as he saw the instrument. That was when Cuba was 14 years old, and from that point, he played the instrument for many years – until he moved to Canada.

“Someone told me that the guitar player in Canada gets all the attention,” he said laughing.

Despite his switch to the guitar, Cuba does still play the bass. He plays it in a lot of his records.

Now, he says, he hears music a little differently. Before taking up guitar , Cuba says his ear would always be looking for the bass in people’s music.

Cuba’s first visit to Canada came in 1995, when he was touring as bass player with his father’s band.

“We were celebrating the 50th diplomatic relationship between Cuba and Canada, so we got a bunch of shows across the country,” he said.

That tour brought the band from Victoria to Halifax in approximately 70 days. While he was in Vancouver, he says he met a “wonderful and beautiful” Canadian woman. The relationship with that woman grew as they stayed in touch throughout the tour.

“That same year, we got married in Cuba,” he said.

The couple lived together in Cuba for about three years and then decided to return to Canada. After about four years in Victoria, Cuba and his wife moved to Smithers, a town in northern British Columbia, where his wife’s family is, adding that they wanted their children to grow up surrounded by family members.

“I’m very grateful that I get to go there for the first time,” Cuba said about coming to Liverpool. “I’ve never been to Liverpool, and I’m looking forward to giving them my best in a night of uplifting, soulful music.”

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