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A day at the races: Greenfield Dragway popular spot in Queens County

GREENFIELD, NS - From junior dragsters to seasoned super pro drivers, there was lots of excitement on the track at the Greenfield Dragway July 7-9 at the third Nova Scotia Drag Racing Association (NSDRA) points meet of the season.

As it does every race weekend start, times trials were held on Friday night for all racers, new and experienced. The time trials offer the opportunity for anyone interested in the sport to give it a try.

“Anyone that wants to start or try out drag racing can bring their daily driver out and give it a shot,” said NSDRA volunteer and racer Devan Longmire. “When there are new drivers, we offer a walk-through tutorial on the Friday night of the race weekend.”

Typically, drivers that want to get into drag racing start with any vehicle in the Sportsman class, Longmire said.

“This allows the new racers to get their feet wet without spending any significant amounts of money. Once they figure out if they like drag racing, then they modify their cars to keep getting faster. The beauty of our type of racing is you do not need to be the fastest car to win races. It’s all about being consistent,” Longmire said.

The race was on for the next two days, with more time trials, gamblers’ races and elimination races for the run to top spot in the NSDRA points series. The NSDRA runs five classes of vehicles at the Greenfield Dragway.

“This season in our points series, we have 28 Super Pro, 34 Pro, 11 Sportsman, six Bike/Sled, and three Junior Dragsters competing for the number one spot in their respective classes,” said Longmire. “As of right now, realistically, any driver in the top 15 of any of the points standings are still within striking distance of the top spot after the September race.”

Which race class a driver is in is determined by how fast their vehicle can go.

“Super Pro is any vehicle running an elapsed time (ET) of 10.99 and quicker,” Longmire said. “The Pro class is comprised of vehicles running an ET of 11.00 to 13.49, Sportsman is any vehicle running an ET of 13.50 and slower. The Bike and Sled class is any ET motorcycle or sled, and lastly we have the kids that are 16 and under that run what is called a Junior Dragster, which run their cars to the one-eighth mile marker.”

Longmire said it takes anywhere from 25 to 30 volunteers to operate the track and facilities on race weekend.

“Most of the volunteers are from the south shore, Bridgewater, Liverpool, and surrounding area, and a few volunteers are from the Halifax area. The volunteers are the only way we manage to run the number of passes per season and put on a show for our fans,” Longmire said.

“These volunteers are either members of the NSDRA or family members of NSDRA members that volunteer their time allowing us to race. We also have one of the local fire departments on site for safety reasons, along with qualified first response members that are on site for race weekends.”

While poor weather has played a factor in spectator turnout at the track so far this season, “We are hopeful that the upcoming race weekend will house a far bigger turn out for spectators and also racers,” said Longmire.

 The next action on the track in Greenfield is slated for Aug. 18-20. On tap is round four of the Greenfield drag racing series and will feature the annual bracket bash on Saturday and the Atlantic Stock / Superstock series on Sunday.

The final races of the season are scheduled for Sept. 23 and 24.

Over the past few years, sponsorship at the track has grown.

“We are very fortunate to have the support of the businesses in the local area, especially our major sponsors - Valley Tire, Lunenburg Auto, Q104, and Best Western Liverpool, just to name a few. They are truly the reason the NSDRA has been so successful over the past 14 years of operation.”


Did you know?

The NSDRA also works with the Atlantic Drag Racing Association (ADRA) hosting and running a series of points races and drag racing events at all tracks in the Maritime region.

Go online: To check out points standings online visit Greenfield Dragway on Facebook.


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