Walking stick lost in Queens County returned to owner

Published on July 14, 2017

Ines Cook lives in Port Medway, N.S. and recently lost her walking stick. She got it back after it turned up at the Superstore in Liverpool, N.S.

©Susan Levy

Port Medway, NS - Ines Cook’s cane has taken a little trip through Liverpool and is now safely home.

Cook, who lives in Port Medway, recently lost her walking cane. It’s not just any walking stick, though. On it, there are a number of metal stamps.

When Cook’s friend, Susan Levy, heard the cane was missing, Levy made posters for the stores in Port Medway and Mill Village, asking if anyone had seen the walking stick.

When no one came forward, Levy wrote a letter to The Queens County Advance.

“I wrote the letter to The Advance, and then Monday evening, I came home and there was a message on my phone,” Levy said.

The message was from Western Head resident and food-bank volunteer Charlotte White, who was almost certain she had the cane in question.

“We have a food box for donations at the Superstore,” said White.

When one of the food bank volunteers returned from doing a pickup at the Superstore, he had two canes – an aluminum one and a wooden one with stamps on it.

White says she tucked the cane away, knowing someone would be looking for it.

“How it got in our food bank box, I have no idea,” added White.

The letter to the editor offered a $20 reward for the walking cane. That reward went to White, who donated it directly to Liverpool’s food bank.

Cook was extremely relieved to get her walking stick back.